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McDowell Middle School

McDowell Middle School serves approximately 500 Hondo ISD students in grades 6-8. The school opened in 1971 and was named for M.L. McDowell who was principal at Meyer Elementary for many years.

Welcome from the Principal
HISD Beliefs and Goals


1. Hondo children come first.

2. Constant review and evaluation of current practices is essential for continued success.

3. The success of each student is the responsibility of students, their families, the district, and the community.

4. Environment is a key component to the educational process.

5. Each student will be prepared for successful real world experience.

6. Each staff member is valued and supported.

7. Hondo ISD has a rich tradition of excellence.



I. HISD will achieve academic growth annually as measured by multiple indicators.

II. HISD will increase differentiated learning opportunities that prepare students for the future and inspire them to realize their highest personal and educational potential.

III. HISD will create a safe and technologically-rich educational environment that enhances individual learning.

IV. HISD will establish an effective and efficient method to allocate resources to meet the district’s prioritized needs.

V. HISD will increase collaborative communication and meaningful exchanges with students, staff and the community.

VI. HISD will recruit, develop, support, and retain quality staff.

VII. HISD will strive to keep student and staff attendance at optimal levels.


Every Student  Every Classroom  Every Day
McDowell MS Parental Involvement Policy

McDowell MS recognizes parents as partners in providing all children with a quality education.  McDowell MS respects the unique knowledge and experience of parents knowing that they are the first and most important teachers in their children's lives.

To ensure that parents are actively involved in their children's education, it is the policy of McDowell MS:

  • To create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for parents.
  • To convene an annual meeting to acquaint parents with the campus, their children's teachers, instruction and programs including Title One programs
  • To provide multiple methods to communicate important information to parents to keep them informed of programs, curriculum, and academic assessments used to measure student progress and the state's academic content and achievement standards.  All information oral or written related to school parent programs will be provided in a format and language that the parents can understand.
  • To provide parents with opportunities to volunteer at Woolls Intermediate following the volunteer guidelines which include a criminal history check for all volunteers. 
  • To ensure that parenting training and activities focus on enabling the parents to assist their children in achieving success.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved at various levels in planning and decision making and also provide timely and repeated opportunities for parents to provide feedback to the school.
  • To serve as a referral resource for parents to enable them to locate the services they need for a safe and healthy family.